Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rolling over (and over, and over)

Reid rolled over from back to tummy for the first time August 14th!  Michael and I were at my Papa's house in Ardmore and both got to see it (we didn't get the "official" first on video).  This video is about 2 minutes later on his second roll over and we were both just as excited as the first time!  Please ignore the super annoying Oklahoma twang voiceovers by me...what can I say?  My son makes me squeal with pride!  :)

I'm posting this August 21st and now Reid is rolling all over the place with no hesitation.  He's got skillz!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lord of the Dance...

I'm not doing a very good documenting the hilarious things that Reid does.  This video is from July 22nd..enjoy and make sure to watch 'til the end when Reid strikes his finale pose.  What a goof!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Can't vs. (the sound) B-ahh

Today two different themes have ruled my day.  The first is the thought that has plagued my mind: I can't.  I can't get Reid to nap well today.  Or go to sleep tonight for that matter.  I can't put on a pair of clothes without getting spit up on.  Reid has covered himself in spit up today as well (tried out level 2 nipples...epic fail).  I can't finish my workout video.  I worked out for the first time in over a year I'm not kidding.  I ordered Tracy Anderson videos and started with the Post-Pregnancy workout today and could barely do any of it!  I realized how far I have to go to get back into shape and it is just going to be hard.  I can't get the kitchen cleaned or the paper work done.  I can't get our laundry caught up.  I can't find the time to pack for Rockport.  There.  I can't.

I can, however, make the sound B-ahh.  And so can Reid.  I've probably mentioned that when Reid learns a new trick (finds his hands or feet or tongue) that he stays up all day and night doing it.  So today he learned how to make a B sound.  So we conversed all day.  Every time I tried to put him down he screamed like it was the end of the world so instead of being worried about separation anxiety at 4 months, I just decided to chalk this day up to chit-chatting with Reid.  As challenging as the most mundane task was today, I laughed most of the day (except during the workout video and that just pissed me off).  Every time I would pick Reid up he would want me to pull him to a standing position.  He would then lift one leg like he was ice skating and then just smile from ear to ear.  Then he'd say B-ahhhhh and laugh!  Several times he had a very serious discussion with me where he would carry on for about 20 seconds with inflection and facial expressions.  It was just the most interesting story he was telling!  Of course he would end every story with B-ahhh and blow spit bubbles.  I wonder what tomorrow will hold?  :)

On a totally different note, why don't any of us just keep regular old journals like the good old days?  I love having a blog but since I've become a mom, I'm just not sure that my entries make much sense.  But I don't want to keep both as I can barely find time to write on here...I guess it is good to show off Reid pics.'s to a CAN DO attitude tomorrow!  (Can you imagine how sore I'm going to be???!!!)