Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's been a while.

So it's been so long since I've blogged that blogger changed the entire interface.  Weird.

I think I'm just going to start writing about the daily mundane life around the house with Reid.  I'm obviously very bad at keeping up with the "important" events and milestones.  This is not going to be Reid's 1 year scrapbook like I had hoped.  You know the upside is that I am enjoying hanging with Reid so much during the day that I just haven't felt like writing or recapping for a while.  Now I'm starting to miss the outlet. We'll see.

So today I taught Reid "how a doggy sounds".  Woof, woof.  His sound was more like "grunt, grunt", but he's totally brilliant so it counts as the right answer.  Then I taught him "how Reid sounds".  (Insert toot noises which Reid is the master!)  It was hilarious.  The kid cracks me up. 

BTW, the kiddo hates the blender noise.  I made a Green Monster for lunch and I thought I was going to have to scrap it before it was done because he was inconsolable.  My little tender-heart.

Right now, Reid loves his kitty that came in his "first animal house".  His Aunt Mer got it for him and his Nana brought it to his attention during her recent visit.  I have to give the kitty kisses and then Reid gives the kitty kisses by biting its face.  He bit kitty so hard that she no longer makes meow noises so I make them...which makes him laugh.  I could literally make the meow sound all day if he'd laugh all day.

In other totally random updates, Reid eats avocado with banana for dinner almost every night.  His appetite has slowed way down so I try to make sure to get as many calories and good fat that I can in each bite.  I'd like to eat avocados for dinner...

Speaking of eating...I've been working out with a trainer 1x per week and following a 1,300 calorie diet.  Yep, that's why I've been so grouchy and unmotivated to write!

I'll let 'ya know when I'm down 10 lbs.  Which will probably be in 2015.  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vocabularly lesson...

Why has my blog become a source of guilt?  I'm behind and I know it.  It's only me that will ever reference this as an online scrapbook and I know that I'm pretty darn busy during the day so I'm going to forgive myself here and now.  No more guilt!  I can only do what I can.

Plus it's Michael's fault.  He bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I've already cruised through the Hunger Games Trilogy plus 3 others books since Christmas.  Any spare time I have had, I've spent reading (I realize this only accounts for about a month but I like to blame things on Michael)!

But back to today's post.  We've always used baby talk with the dogs but now that Reid is here it is at a new level!  Just in case you hear us use these really obnoxious'll know what we're talking about.

Mu-shu (verb): Any sort of face rubbing or wiggling or playing that Reid takes part in.  Here is the term used in a sentence.  "Reid mu-shu'ed his face in the carpet until his nose was red."

Reid nard (verb): A very aggressive face digging move that Reid does in his crib or carpet. Derived from "dog-nard".
Burriters (noun): Pet name for Reid.

Cheese doodles (noun): A term coined from Aunt Marla.  Anything that resembles a cheeto and that is edible.

Teefers (noun): White, pearly things in the mouth that cause frequent night awakenings.

Nora (noun): Pet name for Ellie. As in Eleanor. As in Ellie-a-noria.  Then just Nora.

Roozers (noun): Pet name for Rowdy.  As in Rowdy-Roozers.  Then just Roozers.

Zoey (noun): Usually a name for a border collie yelled very loudly.  Usually preceded by NO!!!

Reiders (noun):  Mommy's favorite pet name for Reid.

Any just for good measure, a cute pic of my ever growing little dude.  This was his first time at our community park.  He liked swinging but he loved to eat the cedar ground cover more. :0

Love. Him. So. So. Much.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How can I post about Thanksgiving when...

I haven't posted about Halloween yet?!  We had a fantastic Halloween!  Reid was a darling monkey!  Michael and I took Reid trick-or-treating about 5:30pm and the neighbors were ready!  Then I fed Reid outside while we handed out candy to the adorable kiddos from the neighborhood.  Then Reid spit up all over me!  :)  This little angel monkey made what has been a ho-hum holiday in the past a truly adorable occasion...much like he does everyday.  I honestly don't remember what I did before he was here.  I assure you, it was much less important than what I do now! 

Pics from the night below!

Nighty-night!  Happy Halloween!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm 7 months!

I'm not sure if i'm happy or sad about being 7 months old at the time of these pictures!  But, I am a happy boy most of the time.  Truth be told, Mom and Dad didn't time these pics so well as I was in a good mood all day until they waited until after bath time and right before bed to take this adorable pictures of me!  I'm the light of the Robinson household and I can tell these two peeps that I live with adore me!  Duh, why wouldn't they!?

And that's a wrap!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm in trouble...

Wondering why I haven't been blogging?  Well here is why!  I have my hands full.  Here is what Mr. Reid has been up to.  Enjoy! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

He is all that I hoped for and more.

(Reid - 5.5 months)
He is the best.thing.ever.  If you haven't praised God today or felt worthy of presenting your petitions at His feet, please know from the face above He listens and answers prayers. 
Your prayers are worthy and your hope is in good hands. 

We thank you, Jesus from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is what mornings look like...

at the Robinson household these days.  Simply beautiful.  I could add captions but I think with these adorable face(s), you can add your own!  :)

I love mornings these days (as long as they start after 6:30am!)!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Butt

Well, I couldn't have written it better myself, so I won't!  :)

We visited the pumpkin patch last week and this is the official report given by my sister-in-law, Anne, on her adorable blog:

Anne's blog

It's not surprising that Anne captured this occasion perfectly and blogged about it in a very timely fashion.  It's also not surprising that I have not! 

BUT, what is surprising and delicious is that I BAKED a gluten free pumpkin pie tonight!  I've never baked a pie before in my life!  Does it count as a pie if it is in an 8x8 square dish?  I don't own a pie baking, round, thingy.  It looks delicious!  It's cooling so we'll see.  Even more insane is that I had all the ingredients in the pantry!  I'm on a roll.  The occasion you, lone reader, ask?  Well there are two reasons.  Reid had pumpkin pie off his MeMe's plate yesterday and L-O-V-E-D it.  I mean he can't say MaMa yet (he can say DaDa and NaNa but that's another story) but he let out a big ole' Mmmmmm!!! after taking a bite!  I'm not going to give him much, but I want to display to Michael how cute he is eating pie!  The second pie cause is that we (Michael and I) are going on a mega diet on Monday.  I'm so tired of my pants not fitting.  I wore the tights that I wore ALL the time when I was pregnant today.  They were supposed to be burned not worn post-pregnancy!  I totally realize that things are different after having a baby...I just don't want to start from scratch with my wardrobe.  I also don't want to wear my fat pants, errr, tights all winter.  My calves will get cold.

Well I ruined an adorable post!  Please check out the link (Anne's blog) to see my cute kid and his handsome cousins and aunts!

**2 hr. addendum: YUCK! Organic, gluten free pie...not soooo good. I tried.**

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Remember when I was a month old?

I was once a wee little thing.  Now I'm six months old and determined to be a big boy!  Here's a little reminder of me at one month old...wasn't I handsome even then?



Saturday, October 8, 2011

This nap time speaks for itself...

We're on a sleep strike at the Robinson household.  Since around 12 weeks, we implemented the Polly Moore, 90 Minute Sleep Solution (thanks, JNN).  It has worked so well.  Reid takes a short nap every 90 minutes or 3 hours.  It sounds too simple, but trust me, it worked for us.  Until yesterday.  And today.  Reid now can sit up from a crawling position.  Soooo, he needs to do it all day!  In the crib.  On the floor.  On the roof.  Wait, not the roof.  But, everywhere else but the roof!  I put the kid down for a nap (he HAD been self soothing and falling asleep on his own), only to find him sitting up by himself playing with his two toys in his crib.  Notice on this video, there are NO toys since he was eating them!  Instead, he eats the Flip...but you have to watch to enjoy that grand finale!  Enjoy my BIG boy...where does time go??!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's nice for once...

to just be simple.  These photos are from early August when we went to Rockport with Christy and Cordel.  Michael took them and I just love them.  And I love being a mom.  It seems like most of my life I've ran around in circles trying to be the perfect student, career woman, wife, daughter, friend and usually overcommited mess.  The utter simplicity of my daily challenges, now, are wonderful.  It's like I've pushed pause and am truly enjoying this time staying home with Reid.  Every day is an exhausting blessing. I love playing with Reid all day but I'll admit I'm ready for Reid to go to sleep by 7:30pm so I can get some things done around the house and have dinner.  But honestly, I miss him by 9pm!  He looks so sweet sleeping that I just want to snuggle with him.  I don't, however, like to snuggle at 4am like this morning like we did this morning (Reid had the hiccups for an entire hour)!  :) 

I never understood why we had to wait so long to have a baby.  I used to ask "why" in every prayer.  But Michael and I waited in hope.  I know now without a doubt why...and our hope turned into a blessing named Reid. 

Time for bed for me.  I never know when my blessing might wake up from those pesky teeth that won't show their face!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Move it!

People.  I am home with Reid everyday.  I mean we go places but I am now a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom which is jaw dropping in itself...anyhoo) I expect to see EVERY cool thing my son does first!  Yet, yesterday I leave for two measly hours to go to acupuncture and my little stinker does the following and his Daddy got it on video!  I can't be too mad because of the adorable child in the video and the encouraging father makes me melt.  Just so you know, I will be child proofing my adult, been married for 8 years, home in the very near future.  Like later tonight. 

Watch out.  He's on the move!