Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Say hello!

This is Reid Michael Robinson! He's cute. And flexible! That is his leg in front of his face and his foot up by his forehead. He can also suck his own toes. So talented! Since this was taken, he has removed his foot from his forehead and has implanted it in my left lung instead. Whatever makes him comfortable!

Fab profile shot at 25 weeks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preggo Pics/This and That

Below are some pics! Unfortunately, I didn't start taking pictures until 15 weeks. I don't think there was a whole lot to see before then, but it would have been fun to see the bloat of IVF to shrink and then start expanding again. :) At the beginning of these, I would try to make sure to have my makeup on and hair somewhat fixed...but as you'll see I get a little lax the farther along I get. I haven't taken 23 week pictures yet but I will before I turn 24 weeks on Tuesday! So far I think I've gained around 10 lbs. The scale seems to be hovering around that amount. I like my doctor's philosophy that we'll only worry about weight if it gets out of hand. He told me that he could tell I was a smart girl and that I knew what I should be eat right most of the time. I've really tried to eat right and in moderation with a few burger and fries thrown in. Current cravings include: greasy-spoon breakfast, OJ, spinach dip, french fries, apples oranges and chocolate milk. Mike felt Reid move for the first time on Wednesday, December 15th. He was going nuts in the belly and I realized all the sudden that I could see and feel his movement so I grabbed Michael just in time for Reid to give him some karate chops! Michael talked to him and praised him for his awesome which Reid entertained us more with a few more acrobatics! Talk about amazing...

On the same night that Reid jumped around, I woke up about 4pm with some intense pain on my right side from belly to back. I woke Michael up because the pains were so sharp I thought I was going to throw up (some of which could have been nerves since I was so scared something was wrong). The severe pain lasted about 30 minutes and then began to subside. I think if they lasted a little longer, we would have probably loaded up and gone to the hospital. I was able to go back to sleep but called the doctor the next morning. My OB felt like they were growing pains and warned me there would probably be more. I'll be darned, but I bet I was two inches bigger the next day! This has definitely been my biggest week of growth. It's actually hilarious. If I get brave enough, I'll post a belly shot next week to show proof. Last night I again awoke in pain but cramps this time from my ribs to my knees. I tried to wake Michael up, but he was out so I got up and took some Tylenol. The cramps finally subsided about an hour later. I am hoping for some sleep tonight! All this growth is so reassuring that Reid is growing in there even though we don't have another doctor's appointment until December 27th.

*Side note: Michael is watching TV beside me as I write. I just felt Reid shift to my left side and saw my belly move in my peripheral vision. Michael just put his hand on my belly and we felt Reid give me about 4 big kicks. We had a good laugh and will go to sleep very happy to know that he is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out! I love it. On that note, this happy Momma is going to sleep!

16 weeks - going to try to get my hair back to this shape...something went goofy with my last haircut

17 weeks (right after we took our Christmas card photos)

Whoops, never got around to taking 18 weeks...
19 weeks in Scottsdale, AZ. Boy, am I glad we went on vacation when we did. I was still very mobile and comfortable.

20 weeks in Sedona, AZ. Standing on a ledge to get a good shot of the "Red Rock" formations. Michael reminded me not to fall. Thanks!

Still 20 weeks but had on makeup and added in cactus. :)

21 weeks...never took a belly shot but did use the expectant mother parking spot at Babies R Us!

22 weeks looking less than stellar and with a cold. Happy as a clam though! I think I'll retire this shirt as it seems to be the "go-to" and I have much cuter stuff! 23 weeks forthcoming...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello, Reid...

Good morning, little man,

This post is for you. The 22 week old little baby boy in my belly. I just felt you kick twice, and actually saw my belly move. Your daddy is going to be so excited when he can feel you dancing away in my stomach. Your little arms and legs should be strong enough soon. For now, you are saving all the sweet proof that you are alive and well just for me. Each bump, kick, tap and hiccup (yes, you've had them once) brings a smile to my face and assurance to this first time mother's constant worry about your well being. I already feel like I know you through and through. You are just what I prayed and prayed for. Out of all the makes and models in the entire world, God sent us you and that makes you incredibly special. It even makes me feel special just to be your Mom.

I've started a journal that I'll give you one of these days. It's silly and has to-do lists as it's kind of a journal for me right now...but one day, when you're older, you might get a kick out of seeing what was going on around mid-pregnancy. You're probably wondering why I'm writing to you on a computer right now but this blog is now for you as well. Mommy started this blog in hopes that one day she could make this blog all about you. Before, I wrote mainly about some happy times that were going on in our lives but mainly it served as an outlet for the heartbreaking times that were spent waiting for you. I realize now that waiting for you was good and right. But I still had some sadness and frustration that I needed to share. My very first blog entry promised to have faith that one day we'd be able to start a family and the strong void that I'd felt for years would be eased. Thank you, Reid, for making this blog be what it was intended to be.

In case you wonder what I've been doing up until now, let me tell you. I've had lots of doctor's appointments to make sure you are healthy; I still work too much but my last day will be December 31st (often when I want to be writing or doting on you, I'm still at work waiting to rest so you can get rest too!); and it's Christmas time so there are holiday cards to be addressed, shower lists to type up, and presents to be wrapped. To be honest, I talk to you a lot during the day so I tell you most everything I want you to know. However, I realized you may not remember everything I tell you while your in my belly so I've got to be better at writing you little notes so you know you were loved from the very beginning.

Your crafty Daddy completed your room last week (December 6th) and put my vision for your room to life! We bought your crib already completed but he got practice because it wouldn't fit in the door so it had to be taken apart and put back together to get it in your room. Your room looks like a little man's room. It is Fox and Hound English Hunt themed. There will only be one fox in your room since all the doggies are hunting for it...we'll see if you can find the fox when you get older. :)

Hang in there in your cramped little area. I love being pregnant and want you to stay in there as long as possible and close to your due date. As much as I look forward to meeting and caring for you, I already know that this is a special time for us that I will miss. It is a time to be cherished and I'm going to try to do a better job of not sweating the small stuff and just staying focused on you since these months will be over very shortly.

I love you with all my heart. You are already an active member of the family even though you can't speak for yourself yet as every decision we make now takes you and your well being into consideration.

Oh and as a sidenote don't forget to let me know what you are hungry for...III Forks or Houston's are always good options for you if you so wish...if you would just let your Daddy know for me that you are the one wanting all the "finest food" that would be great!

Your biggest fan,