Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quit tapdancing…

OK, you guessed it. This is basically an infertility blog right now. I hope to blog on other, more relatable subjects besides fertility, but let's be real...this fertility thing is like a full time job for my brain so the posts will probably be added in either rant style updates - or - nevermind this crappy subject matter, I'm busy and PREGGO! In the mean time, I want to thank you for checking this out at least once. Hopefully I won't write anything that will make Michael want to run and hide. And I'll keep my promise to have a happy themed blog with lots of happy-type stuff as the main subject matter in the near future. Until then, if you want, I'll drag you along with a (hopefully) optimistic and faithful approach to this conceiving journey that we've been on for around 1.5 years.

P.S. Friends have been telling me for a while, “you need to start a blog on infertility”, “let people know what you are going though”, "it will be a good outlet", etc. Well, I’ve kind of put it off. And now my rollercoaster has brought me to a place that I’m really kind of sick of talking, updating and thinking about a little Robinson (or maybe that is just today!). may be in luck and this be more about my fabulous and extravagant life, doting husband, NEW job and well-bred, designer dogs after all…we shall see!

Well, hello…

Greetings! Although this is my first post, this blog has already had a very active life. So far it has been called:
TheGoodTheBadAndTheRobinsons; and BigAndFatAndPregnantAndSeriouslyHormonalAndHappyAsAClamMissusRobinson (or did I just imagine that one?).
But alas I decided that, in a leap of faith, this blog deserved a politically correct “family name”. A family name that will accommodate happy times, sad times, challenging times and the daily, mundane in-between times that are really the best part. So The Budding Robinson’s it is. I'm Olivia: I will conduct this blog's little ride of words. Welcome aboard!