Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Move it!

People.  I am home with Reid everyday.  I mean we go places but I am now a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom which is jaw dropping in itself...anyhoo)...so I expect to see EVERY cool thing my son does first!  Yet, yesterday I leave for two measly hours to go to acupuncture and my little stinker does the following and his Daddy got it on video!  I can't be too mad because of the adorable child in the video and the encouraging father makes me melt.  Just so you know, I will be child proofing my adult, been married for 8 years, home in the very near future.  Like later tonight. 

Watch out.  He's on the move!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rollin' in my Jeep!

We brought down Reid's Jeep that we received as a shower gift!  I didn't realize that we'd use it this early but our little guy never runs out of energy so this week we're pulling out all the stops, lol.  I just had to post how cute he looks wheelin' around in his Jeep Jeep!  Go, Reid, Go!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Month by Month!

My baby turned 5 months on September 5th!  He has grown!

Reid is a world traveler...or a Texas/Oklahoma traveler at least!  He does a great job when we've gone on visits to his grandparents homes and most recently to Lake Livingston with great friends (post to come).  In his 5th month unfortunately, Reid has an ear infection caused by acid reflux that we just can't seem to kick.  We're on our second round of antibiotics (fingers crossed).  This week at the doctor's Reid weighed 19 lbs. 14 oz....my little sack of potatoes.  :)  In other Reid news:
*He continues to love anything toot noises!  A sure laugh.
*Reid reached for up his dad the other day.  Precious.
*We eat rice cereal ever night.  So far mixed with prunes and sweet potatoes.  Reid also likes table crackers...although I'm probably a bad mom for letting him lick the salt.  Then I decided we're not introducing gluten this early due to his Daddy-O's Celiac Disease.  So I got some rice puffs for him to try. Adorable, I tell ya.
*Reid is in size 3 diapers.
*Reid wears 6 to 12 month clothes.
*The boy loves the water and loves boat rides.  Even covered in SPF, long sleeved shirt, life-jacket and death grip by his momma, the boy napped all around the lake.
*Reid's PT for torticollis has reached a plateau.  We're trying different stretches and strengthening exercises to work towards improvements.
*The champ continues to roll and spend lots of time on his tummy.  He kicked the swaddle to the curb last month (much to the comfort of my mom who could barely look at the swaddle because of her claustrophobia!).
*Reid loves his binkie!
*Reid's favorite toy is Scout the dog.
*Mommy and Daddy love, love, love this kid.  I mean like I just adore him. 
*One thing I could do without is Reid's new bird, crazed animal noise.  It's a little loud and intense.  :)
*Reid's separation anxiety, while flattering, leaves it hard to get anything done.  Oh well!
*He is still a spit up machine, but I dare say it has gotten a little better.
*The child has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen.
*He already has a best friend named Dax who lives near Houston. 
*Every sentence in our house ends in -ers.  I call Reid, Reiders...which I think is catching on because I hear others calling him by this nickname too! 

Below is a little stroll down memory lane birth and month by month (including some 5 month outtakes performed by my little ham!).

Love you little, Reiders!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writer's Block...

I have writer's block.  Unless it is 1:30am.  I have frequent night awakenings...sometimes it is Reid, Michael snoring, Zoey snoring, planes flying overhead or just about anything else that wouldn't wake anyone else but me, the lightest sleeper in the world.  So many times when I'm trying to go back to sleep I think, "oh, I need to blog about this" or have a random deep thought worthy of some self expression.  But, I can never remember what I was going to write about the next morning!  I just need to start documenting the adventures of Reid and mommy (and daddy when he's not traveling for work).  I have just been enjoying Reid.  I never thought at 31 that my current goal would just be hanging out...but that is exactly what I love doing.  I know I will eventually go back to work...but that just seems so much less important right now.  I'm not a great life multi-tasker.  I either work really hard, love really hard to stress really hard.  I prefer to love on my family right now (thanks MRob for working so hard so that I have this option).

So this week we have spent time with Nana and Pops, enjoyed a visit from MiMi and Papa C, went swimming at the Smiths, loved a visit from Anne and Graham, had dinner with Kristen and Parker, took Reid to his first Kindermusik class, went to physical therapy and ran lots of errands.  Oh, we also left Reid with a sitter for the first time at Kristen and Benton's house for adults night out.  We wound up staying the night so that we didn't have to wake Reid up when we got home.  Too bad he woke up to party at 4am...  This week Reid also ate his rice cereal and prunes.  We're sticking with prunes for a while if you know what I mean!  Michael put together Reid's bouncer/play station and he loves it (see below pic and drool stream!).  Reid slept on his belly for the first time and has kicked the swaddle to the curb (I thought that was going to be awful but it hasn't).  I'm joining a MOPS group at a local church.  I'm ready to make more friends and join a play group.  Hopefully MOPS will help with that. 

Anyhoo, I'm blissfully ordinary right now with writer's block and loving it!