Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hi, friends. I've been b-a-d at blogging. Maybe it's been because if I'm not working I'm napping. And if I'm not napping, I'm taking a shot. And if I'm not taking a shot, I've been on the road doing a little visiting. So, here is a quick list of random pregnancy (oh, yes, I can finally say it and not look over my shoulder) thoughts and updates all intermingled into one scattered post:
  • I'm 7 weeks, 1 day pregnant!
  • Our baby has a great heartbeat which we saw last Wednesday at 6 weeks. Michael saw the heartbeat before the doctor, nurse or me! That deserves a post by itself. Talk about life changing.
  • I love orange juice. All the time. I also love real sprite with real sugar. Mmmm. My butt apparently likes it too and has decided to hold on to every ounce!
  • We were pregnant with twins, but lost one (we think) between the 4-5 week. And I still ache for that other little baby...I do know that God has a plan and that we are so grateful for our little fighter with the good heartbeat!
  • I wish my little dogs were 5 feet tall because it hurts to bend over! I found out last week that my ovaries are still super swollen and can twist so I am still on a 5 lb. lifting restriction. Sooo, my chi needs to go on a diet because she weighs over 5 lbs!
  • I take naps in cars when there is no other option. This has been my main symptom and I love it! I have always had such a hard time falling asleep pre-pregnancy. Now around 2pm everyday, I feel like someone slipped me two Ambiens. To be able to sleep is a God-send!
  • I have my first OB appointment on Monday! Me with an OB appointment, what?!
  • I miss my infertility/loss group - Hopeful Hearts. I feel somewhat displaced now being pregnant. Infertility has been a big part of my identity for the last couple of years. It helped me know I wasn't alone. I am so grateful for every friend that I've made thanks to that group. I guess it is just a very different not trying so hard to achieve - as it has been achieved!
  • I sometimes feel guilty for getting pregnant when I know so many worthy and wonderful people who are going to be great parents. I literally would give anything for all of us to get to have children at the same time. I have faith and pray for each of us every night. I just wish I could do something else...
  • Other symptoms I am having: bigger boobs (yay!), acne (ummm, questionable), a little ick-queasy feeling now and then, progesterone blues (I'm tapering off my superman dose so this should go away soon), cramps and mild headaches. I literally celebrate each symptom!
  • If you want to know what "she's pregnant" gift to get me...I'd really like a sonogram machine. I'd like sonograms twice a day so I can check on my little Sweetpea (Sorry, J.N.N. I'm borrowing this nickname until the baby gets to a more identifiable shape and size. Sweetpea just popped out of my mouth one day - I hope you don't mind!). :)

That's it for now. More frequent posts to come! Again, thanks for the prayers. I am humbled daily that our prayers were heard. All my love!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. - Psalms 130:5

Some moments shouldn't be ruined by my incoherent ramblings.
This is one of those moments/announcements.
I will say: Praise be to God.
And, I am forever grateful to each of you who have spent your valuable time and prayers petitioning on our behalf.

LOL, I just noticed (directly above) Ellie sniffing the pregnancy test...she's like did you just pee on that? Oh, little dog if you only knew what this means for you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

hhmmmm....hold the alcohol!

OK, suddenly I feel better. Not like jumping for joy just yet, but much better. I went to work today and was able to be very productive.

My mom has been in town which means that I've gained 5 more lbs. as she likes to go out to eat. And I have a new friend! Virgin Pina Colada from Mi Cocina. I'm sure they are not too awesome on nutritional content, but they are sooooo delicous! It's funny; I repeat like 4 times...make SURE the bartender does not put alcohol in it!!!

However, I sure could use a glass of wine...but nope, no wine-o for me!