Saturday, February 19, 2011

Construction Zone

Hi, I'm Olivia's blog. I'm under construction until my owner can mix her technical (non) skills with her pretty blog desire since her other blog scheme randomly disappeared. She also refuses to put up new preggo photos or shower shots until she has it j-uuuust right.

I hope to be pretty again soon!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I notice that my blog background is gone. I guess that is a clue to get a new one! It is times like this that I wish I remembered just how I did it the first and second time it was erased...

Well forced blog facelift to come!

BTW, I have a tip for the day. NEVER, under any circumstances, go to Victoria's Secret around Valentine's Day if you are 7/8 months pregnant. You will see things like the below image. Which makes you want to feed the model, give her a wedgie if she isn't already wearing a thong, then scold her for many things. Mainly just posing for the photo. LOL.

(Disclaimer: I'm mainly just kidding. Let's just say I wouldn't trade my current state for that bod no matter what the payout...I love my bump and what is inside the bump! It was just funny to notice the posters for the first time and think "where's her belly?"!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reid and I are the same age!

Well, actually he is 31 weeks and I'm 31 years, but for this week we are the same number! I'm sure he's a little bit more comfortable being 30-something than I am...ahhh, youth.

I'll post my up to date weekly photos soon but until then, here are a few things to report...

Good stuff:

  • Reid is moving around like a champ! He has had the hiccups a lot lately so I believe he is practicing his swallowing.
  • Reid is strong! He can pack a punch!
  • I have an ultrasound coming up on Monday. Since being off Lovenox, my sonograms are fewer and fewer (just a regular 'ole pregnant lady now) but we have one on Monday. Yay, I can't wait to see little, big Reid again.
  • Cravings: OJ, chocolate, caffeine and spicy food.
  • Weight: maybe that should be under ailments...


  • Calf cramps at night.
  • Nighly cramps that run from my stomach to my knees. I think it is a circulatory issue because when I stretch they usually subside in 20 minutes or so. Doesn't help with sleep, though.
  • Smooshed bladder and kinked pee tube (sorry, TMI). It just means that when I stand up I feel like I have to pee. When I sit, nothing will come out. The frequent peeing makes trips to Wal-Mart not too fun. I'm peeing about 4x per hour. Unfortunately it won't resolve until after Reid is born.
  • Due to the bladder problems, no juice, chocolate, caffeine or spicy food. :)
  • I've never been this fatigued in my life!
  • I'm having a couple of nosebleeds a day. Thank goodness I'm not on Lovenox because they are manageable and stop within a reasonable amount of time.


  • Nursery is done!
  • Relishing in this time with Reid being so close, comfortable and preparing for life outside the tummy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Highland Village hath frozen over...

It froze over not because of the ice and snow that has prohibited us from leaving the house, but rather, because I baked a cake. Kind of. I went to clean out my pantry today and realized that until we eat some of the stuff in there, it's kind of a lost cause. Sooo, what's a girl to do? Bake, I guess. An example of my non-baking tendency is the fact that I have only one six seater muffin tin. Oh and before I keep the facade going, we're talking boxed cake and canned icing, but still. Anyhoo, I made 6 strawberry cupcakes and 1 small strawberry cake. Are you worried that my honey is going to starve because he can't eat cake? Worry no more. I just so happen to have a gluten free cake mix and he got a vanilla cake! I even tried to make homemade cream cheese icing for his cake but it turned out to look like cottage cheese so it got trashed. I shared my strawberry icing with him and he has 1/2 an iced cake and 1/2 of a cake that could pass for cornbread. 'Ole gluten boy is easy to please so I don't think he minded. In fact, he seemed pleased with his glass of milk and strawberry vanilla gluten free cake made with l-u-v.

What? You still don't believe I made a cake without being threatened by robbers forcing me to make a cake or they'll take my chihuahua? Here's proof.

Other cooped up, nesting good or just plain 'ole wifely duties include getting our taxes ready, completing thank you notes to date, (as seen here - ready to be taken to mailbox when ice melts)

laundry, never ending medical bills paid, oh and I made a breakfast casserole that's in the fridge for tomorrow morning, (yes, I'll provide proof again)

and cleaned out the kitchen cabinets to make room for Reid's bottles and misc. baby "stuff".
I don't have an after photo, but Reid now has two cabinets just for him.

I got a little giddy when I got to this cabinet.
You know, the Tupperware cabinet. I can just see Reid one day with everything totally pulled out of this shelf with a plastic bowl on his head and another in his hands using a spoon as a drum. Besides storing left overs, that is what Tupperware is for, right?

Hopefully we'll be able to get out tomorrow and take a break from domestic duties! If not, I'm sure there is something that I can demolish and put back together in a nice, orderly, nesting approved fashion. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Michael's Birthday!

Michael's birthday was January 20th! We had dinner for the family at our house. I cooked a gourmet dinner of La Hacienda Ranch fajitas and ice cream cake. I just told Michael that it was his first birthday as a daddy (Reid signed the card)! And I got him a waterproof bow case...probably not too exciting for me or you but I think he really liked it. Apparently, it will help with the transport alignment when he travels to hunt. See I listen to my hubby every once in a while!
Here are some pics!
Go Horned Frogs! Thanks Mer...was this for Reid or Michael?
We bought a BOB jogging stroller shortly before the birthday. Michael is one happy camper...I made him take a picture with it. Soon after this shot, he put the chihuahua in it and wheeled her around. Check - dog hair on everything we own...even the stroller! :)
Adorable Sam and Uncle Mike!

See why I never wonder what Reid will look like? Take the four cute faces above and smoosh them all together...poof! Exactly a cross of what Reid will look like! He's going to be cu-uu-te.