Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reid's Room

I couldn't find where I posted pictures of Reid's room. I thought I had, but maybe that was on Facebook. Reid's room is English Hunt: Fox and Hound. My favorite part of his room right now is the smell. There is a little boutique in Ardmore that I buy a lot of gifts from and they have a diffuser that smells like a delicate, delicious little baby. Most of Reid's bath supplies, detergent, etc. are scent free and for sensitive skin (which I can only imagine he will have). So, the diffuser has made everything just smell incredible. It is actually like a calming smell. I walk into his room and it truly is the most relaxing room in the house right now. It's quiet, clean and un-cluttered. The rest of my house has dogs, computers, hospital bags, and daily "stuff". Reid's room is like a little retreat from it all. I know it won't stay that way but for now it is my vacation area in the house. Here are the pics!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update, tailbone drama, full time job and first mobile post

We had a doctor appointment yesterday. I am still dilated at a 2, now 90% effaced and baby is still in the birth canal. I also had another sign of upcoming arrival yesterday but I refuse to use it's official name on a blog so let's just say we're getting close. The doctor feels like we'll make it to April 5th since the dilation stalled but I'm not convinced... One of my concerns right now is my tailbone which I broke when I was little in an unfortunate skating incident, lol. Imagine that! Well it has given me problems throughout my life. Nothing too bad but I still feel some spasms here and there. Somehow I forgot to mention this to anyone before we got pregnant to get an x-ray to see if it is 'in the way' of a natural birth. Now that Reid has set up shop in that region I'm wondering how this is going to work. Worst case scenario, he breaks the bone again during birth. The doctor is not opposed to a c-section if I want...but I don't. I really don't know what to do. This one is a personal decision but it effects everyone that will help care for Reid if it re-breaks. I'm a little stressed with this and think it has been the source of some of my frustration the last few days. I just want to do the right thing. Please pray that the Lord steers my decision.

On a lighter note, I washed my cell phone on Sunday (mmmm, smells like Downy!). Michael to the rescue as always. Then yesterday Michael went to work out. By the time he got home I had locked my keys in my car, messed up my new phone's keyboard and the internet wouldn't work. Michael looked at me and smiled. He told me that I was becoming a full time job. Normally I would be offended but it is soooo true! When did I become such a liability??? We had a good laugh and then Michael once again fixed everything.

I am now at Wal-Mart about to stock up on lots of things. (You may wonder why I'm blogging at Wal-Mart. They have a Dunkin Donuts! I'm watching the news, drinking decaf and eating an egg white, flatbread...fine, and an apple fritter). I downloaded an app for blogger and decided to test it out. Hopefully it works! They say it is good to walk so I'm trying to stay active and might as well walk with a purpose even if it is an Wal-Mart. (OK, posting at Wal-Mart didn't work but it saved it and I was able to publish when I got home. Groceries are expensive right now...I set my all time record!)

Lastly, several people have asked me where we are delivering, which is Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. It's about a mile north of the Tollway and George Parker. I'll let ya know when we get there if it is before April 5th!

Lastly, lastly some lady just sat down next to me and broke out Wal-Mart bought sushi. The smell is disgusting! I'm eating donuts and she's eating sushi. I gots to go on that note!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Push Gift!

Michael gave me a beautiful "push gift" on Valentine's Day. He can't keep a secret so once he had it in hand, he had to give it to me! The first time I ever heard of a push gift, I made sure to tell Mike like "everyone" got one, duh! I'm sneaky!

Michael and I ordered our own Valentine's Day gifts because I had my eye on a new Kate Spade purse that was on sale and he said go for it. Mike wanted a new golf club and I was glad that he had something in mind so Valentine's Day was a breeze for both of us. I had no idea that he would follow up with such a beautiful gift or I wouldn't have ordered the purse...I guess if I'm going to be spoiled, this is a good time to do it.

Apparently, Michael is under the impression that a push gift must be from Tiffany's (I didn't tell him this, but I like it!). And Reid's birth stone will be a diamond so he gave me a beautiful Tiffany necklace with a diamond and R inscribed disc. It looks just like me and matches all my other day jewelry. Just as appreciated was the note that accompanied the necklace. In fact, it might go down as my favorite love note of all time.

Thanks, Mike! I love the gift and I love you. I also love that Reid's birthstone is a diamond. That works out well for Mommy... :)

Dallas Baby Shower - February 12, 2011

I feel so fortunate to have wonderful friends! I was lucky enough to host Kristen's baby shower last year around February to celebrate Parker's upcoming arrival. Parker was born April 9th, 2010 and will be ONE very soon! This year, Kristen was kind enough to do the same for me...Praise the Lord! And Reid's birthday will be just about a week before Parker's. It was just meant to be that they are both Spring babies and going to be great friends. They will also be trouble together! You ought to see their fathers when they get together and they are both grown men. But that is a whole other story... Thank goodness we have about 10-12 years before we have to worry, lol. The shower was beautiful and tasty! The table accents and decor were lovely...very Kristen-esque since it was at her house but each of the hostesses did an amazing job! I absolutely loved having so many different friends from different "stages" of my life. I had friends from home, college, Highland Village, friends of friends that have become my friends, friends from Hopeful Hearts, friends from Round Rock and Austin, mom's of friends (who are my friends, too!), immediate family and extended family. It was like a walk through my life. Thank you to the hostesses: Nichole Shipman (college friend), Meredith Smith (sister-in-law), Jenya Felder (college friend), Margo Gonzalez (Round Rock friend), Lauren Chick (Highland Village friend) and Kristen Brown (college friend). That looks funny after I type it, but that is when I met these lovely ladies just for reference. They are still my current friends, lol! It was an amazing day and Reid received so many generous gifts. Thank you to everyone who helped and attended. It will always be one of my all time fondest memories.
Jenya and Nichole

Mom, Olivia and Nancy Hostesses - Lauren, Margo, Olivia, Kristen and Nichole (I accidentally let Jenya and Meredith slip out before I remembered to take this! Shoot!) Crissy and Olivia Olivia and Ally
Olivia thinking what are these for??
Crissy's daughter made me a Valentine!
Lovely Wichita Falls ladies...Hayley, Katie, Julie and Aria
Amanda, Jenn and Amber
Olivia, Nancy, Meredith and Anne
Yum, the cupcakes were from j rea's in Fort Worth...(I took the leftovers of these and can attest that at least 5 lbs of pregnancy weight came from them!)
Beautiful and delish

Reid, Olivia and Michael

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter for you...

(This is a letter for Reid that I will tuck in his baby book. Michael wrote one as well for him to have.)

Dear Son,

It has been the biggest pleasure of my life to get to know you for the last nine months. How fun is it that I got to carry you around all the time all protected and cared for in my belly? Your Daddy and I explored all sorts of options for starting a family. I asked God over and over again to please allow at least one time to get to be pregnant. And He did!

Our pregnancy time together has been very easy and full of life. One thing that I swore that I'd do from the time I found out I was pregnant with you was to enjoy every minute. I can't say that I've completely honored that promise as life is very busy and there are still daily trials and stresses to be dealt with but every day at some point, I have thanked God for you.

There have been so many exciting things to do to get everything ready for you! We decorated your nursery; installed your car seat; read books about pregnancy and some about what you might be like when you are born; we took child birthing and breastfeeding classes; Daddy and I had quiet time with you in the evenings and mornings and just waited and rejoiced in your movements which may be the simplest yet most phenomenal thing we've ever experienced; we were celebrated by friends; YOU were celebrated by friends; you've had future friends born; I've torn the house apart getting ready for you because I'm so anxious to meet you; we've talked about you constantly; we took a baby-moon vacation; I worked until the 3rd trimester started; we took lots of pictures of me "growing" and as a result, you growing; I kept a list of pregnancy ailments that no matter how much I enjoy being pregnant must be mentioned for humor and sympathy!; we've enjoyed more laughter than ever about the smallest things; and we have lived a whole 9 months of life with a greater purpose.

But, never, in all this chaos were you anything less that the most important thing in our lives. The two ways your Daddy and I have done this is by attending to our marriage so that you are brought into a household that is happy with an abundance of love for you, me and Daddy. And, I have tried to take care of you and me everyday with some help from Daddy.

We are expecting you any day now. I plan on keeping pictures, video and writing about all your firsts while you are a baby and toddler. Then you'll begin to make your own memories as you get older. I just want you to know that there was a time, before you'll ever remember, that you are loved, wanted and regarded as a answer to a prayer.

In fact as you grow up, I'm going to remind you of those three things. Because they will quite simply be in effect as long as I am your Mom.

We are ready to meet you, raise you and love you!

Love, Mom

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nesting defined

I figured out that what I've been doing for months is not "nesting". It was just getting organized and prepared for baby.

Nesting, as defined by Olivia, is insanity. It's wanting to soak the dogs every 5 minutes (they've all had baths this morning). They have grooming appointments the day before my induction date to "be pretty for baby". Everything is spotless. My cleaning lady now comes once per week instead of every other week. The laundry is done. The fridge is cleaned out. All bedding is dry cleaned. Now I'm just picking this place apart piece by piece. It's crazy, I know. It's like the dog about to give birth and moves around the bedding/wood chips for hours right before her pups are born. I've decided there is just nothing I can do about it as I've tried to chill out. We do have dinner out with the Browns tonight so that will be good and distracting. And I have some errands to run so I'm just getting out of here this afternoon to avoid my mind. :)

Our spring cleaning extravaganza (see last post) went well yesterday except they wanted to take the couches outside to clean because they were worried about damaging the hardwoods. Apparently they haven't heard about dropclothes, but what-ev. I told the cleaner just leave it but he insisted...until the sleeper part fell out of the couch and straight into the front door. It took a chunk of wood out. So we have to get that repaired. They've been really responsive so that is good.

Things still left to do...
-Go to the grocery store to stock up on "stuff".
-Go buy a new tube top bra from Francesca's. My "area" hurts there and those tube tops work great for around the house. I hate bras if you didn't already know that. Those sleep bras that you can buy are awful! Tube tops are much better.
-Get the dry cleaned bedding put back on my bed.
-Put sheets on pack-n-play (don't want to do this until we leave for hospital so it doesn't get dirty in our bedroom since the dogs sleep in there).
-Whatever else I dream up.

I hope anyone who reads this has a good laugh instead of sending over a psych analysis to my house...truly, I will go back to the girl who has to "pick up quickly" when I hear someone is dropping by. I actually like her better too. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michael Robinson Photography!

Michael and I did our own photo shoot a couple of weeks ago (at 35 weeks). We had some professional photos taken early in the 2nd trimester and had good intentions of doing the jumbo bump shoot towards the end of my pregnancy but we had to make some choices/cuts somewhere. This week alone, we're paying for cord blood banking which is $2195. I put that in case anyone else is considering it and wonders what the going rate is...we were shocked! We went with CBR as a recommendation from our doctor. I felt strongly compelled to bank the blood - I hope that my gut is wrong and it is a total waste! But it will be there if Reid ever needs it. Oh, and if anyone reading this decides to bank with CBR, please let us know and I'll serve as your reference ($50 kick-back!). We also just had our air-ducts, upholstery, tile, grout, and dryer vent cleaned plus our A/C serviced. Now our neighbors are suddenly ready to replace our mutual fence. Oh and that little thing called a deductible/hospital stay! Ah!!! Anyhoo, where was I before I went off on my tangent? Oh yeah, so we decided to skip at least one expense and take some major belly shots ourselves. Michael downloaded Photo Shop but I haven't edited any of them yet. Mike really worked hard running back and forth between camera and posing. We actually hiked down by Lake Lewsiville. It was a trek but good exercise! We wound up laughing really hard and having a good time at our own idiot selves...trying not to fall, Michael directing me like I am a model and not 9 months pregnant, critter avoidance, sweat, etc. Everything is kind of gray since we took them before everything started blooming but I can't control the season, lol! I would try if I thought I'd get anywhere! I forgot to take a 36 week photo and took a 37 week photo yesterday (below). The sun was in my eyes but I'm a rare color of ash posing indoors these days so squinty eyes won out over ash skin.
37 weeks
All is well. I'm having contractions but there is no consistency. Reid had a quiet day yesterday which freaked me out but he's kicking me in the side right now so he must have just been sleepy yesterday. Mike is having insomnia due to being on baby watch. Poor guy - it's like watching paint dry! We're just so darn excited and ready to meet him!

I decided to share my blog publicly on FB yesterday and have had some wonderful feedback. I went back and read over some early entries. It's still very fresh. I realized as I was reading over it that I really left some gaps in the last 1.5 years, but such as life. I left a lot of gaps in the pregnancy account too. If you can't tell, I'm trying to make up for lost time with all the recent posts since I know it will be all about Reid when he gets here!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

37 WEEKS!!!!

We made it to full term as of today! Yay! We had our visit to the doctor yesterday and I am dilated to a 2 and 75% effaced. Also Reid's head is even further down low so he is fully committed to the birth canal at this point (yes, I packed lots of hats as we have been warned that his head will be misshapen at this point since he has been in engaged down there for over a month). The doctor said he "highly doubts" we'll make it to our induction date on April 5th...this suddenly is very real to me (duh, I know). I just assumed we'd make it to the 5th and it would be very organized like I like things. The Grandparents would all know exactly when to be at the hospital, etc. Now I keep picturing my water breaking or the contractions without water breaking and not knowing when it is time to go and then there is actually making it to the hospital! You know, the usual things that people probably think of months ago that are just now becoming a real possibility. Our prayer is to make it another week to 38 weeks since white boys have wimpy lungs!

I planned on resting today because I had a really ouchy contraction this morning and didn't want to induce anything but then I opened the fridge and was disgusted that "it was dirty". Of course, EVERYTHING had to come out to be washed and reloaded. My back hurts now but it's clean, clean, clean! Mike did several honey-do's without complaint (or minimal at least that I bought a cheap shelf that was hard to assemble!). I made blueberry muffins because they sounded good. I also had lunch with Marcy and Charlene from home since they were in the area dropping off Marcy's husband, Fred at the airport. That was a treat. Then my friend, Lauren, brought over dinner because I complained about being uncomfortable. What a sweetheart! Our sons will be just about a month apart. I really wish they could grow up living right up the road from each other like they do now but Lauren and family are moving to Jackson later this Summer. I'm bummed about it and excited for them all at the same time. This is a pic of their son, Thomas, on Mike's chest. Lauren's husband got the flu right after bringing Thomas home from the hospital so Lauren and Thomas stayed with us some of the first week of his life. It was a great trial run!

Mike and Thomas

Mike and I also went to the smoke shop today to buy cigars. We unwrapped them and put "It's a Boy!" stickers on them. I mean, we must have cigars, right???

As far as pregnancy symptoms - as a side note, are they even symptoms at this point? It's more just like life as I know it. But anyhoo:

Cravings: SWEETS. Anything with major sugar in it. I could lie and say "but I'm not giving in"...but I am. I am eating like a mad woman. I am like a bottomless pit. Starving like never before. I know I need to slow down as it has an effect on Reid too but willpower is hard to come by right now.

Weight: About 30 lbs gained.

Figure: Totally hilarious. I could have never imagined how big this belly would get, but it's fun. My back and butt are all square too. I forgot to take a 36 week picture but will take a 37 week as soon as I'm presentable. Probably Friday night when we have dinner with the Browns.

Ailments: I hurt all over. It's probably worst in my hips and ribs. I think it's just from stretching getting ready to deliver this big 'ole baby.

Fun part: Michael being home and unable to travel. I've forgotten what it is like to have a hubby home every night. We just sit around and stare at each other because we're so ready to meet this little boy, but it is still cool. We love feeling Reid move, although his movements now do cause some discomfort. He's strong!

In general: I feel like the luckiest woman on earth!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ardmore Baby Shower - January 22, 2011

I had a fantastic baby shower on January 22, 2011 at the Cellar in Ardmore! I love the decor in the restaurant as it matches Reid's nursery perfectly. It was surreal to be the mommy celebrated at the shower. I kept reminding myself we were celebrating our little guy as I tend to be the party thrower instead of the recipient...especially in the baby department! :) I can't thank God enough for allowing us this blessing. I also owe a huge thank you to the fabulous hostesses: Karla Wade (friend since high school), Marcy Wilson (2nd mom), Jami Wilson (my cuter, younger skipper), Tiffany Tayar (cousin), Belynda Tayar (aunt), Dachelle McClendon (friend since high school) and Leslie Miller (friend since high school). Plus I appreciate everyone who attended. My mother-in-law drove all the way from Frisco and my friend Misty came all the way from Lawton (many others traveled as well).

It was perfect! It's weird to analyze photos of yourself, but looking at these, I see a true happiness in my face. I hope when Reid is older he won't think it is too much of a drag to go through old photos with his dear old mom. I want to show him these - the first party in his honor!

Tiff, Ava and me
Jessie and me

Nana, Olivia and MeMe

Belynda, Ava, Stacy and Carly

Olivia, Reid, Baby Courter and Beth

Table full of friends

Parents to Be!
Misty, Olivia and Karla


Yum, cake!

Double yum, food!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ouch, good news and updates in between...

OK, I'm going to blog daily for the next several days...hold me to it with mean texts if not! To be shared: Ardmore shower, Coppell shower, Valentine's Day/Push Gift, and unedited Preggo photo shoot with the hubs.

Today we had our 36 week appointment. The outcome/news is great. Reid is about 7.5 lbs. I'm dilated to a 2 and my cervix is thinning (not sure how much, he just said it is really thin whatever that means). Reid's head continues to basically be in the birth canal like it was at last month's ultrasound. The doctor is VERY pleased that my body is preparing itself for birth and has put the cervical ripening procedure on April 4th on hold. He thinks I may just be able to check in for the induction on April 5th without the ripening the day before. Have I mentioned that on the blog?? Induction date of April 5th? 22 days away if anyone besides me is counting, lol. That will make me 39 weeks. We're not sure if the dilation and thinning will mean that Reid is joining the party earlier than that but it does mean we're headed in the right direction. I'm under strict grandmother instruction that an induction date works much better for their schedule so Reid and I are trying to accommodate MeMe, Nana and MiMi! During the ultrasound we saw a little bit of Reid's face that wasn't hidden in his burrow. He's cute and has a fun nose and pouty lips. He was sucking during the ultrasound and took in practice breaths. You go little one in my belly - keep practicing!

So that was the good news. I won't dwell on the ouch, but I do want the mothers-to-be that read this blog to be prepared if no one has mentioned this to you...last month pelvic exams are not comfortable. And if I put it bluntly, they hurt like hell. Today I had a pelvic exam, followed by a "down there" strep test (standard test) topped off with a vaginal ultrasound because Reid's head was too low for the tech to be able to see it via a belly scan. The first words out of the doc's mouth when he started to examine me was that Reid's head is wayyyy down low. So low he had to manipulate "things" (Reid's head somehow??) to be able to do the check. Poor mommy and Reid are traumatized. I think it caused Reid to be "disturbed" because he has moved rapidly all day and feels even lower than he did this morning. Or maybe I'm just disturbed down there. There was quite a bit of spotting afterwards which totally freaked me out. It's totally normal according to the doc but when you go 9 months praying for no blood and then there is lots of can't help but throw a little panic your way. I don't say this to scare anyone but just go in better prepared than me! And take your advocate or husband. Nothing shows love than your honey saying "Do you want me to say something?" And then taking matters in his own hands and very politely asking the doctor if he can "try to be a little more gentle next time". (Husband Hero Status!) That opened the door for me to complain a little about the pain level and the doctor to slow down and be a little more compassionate. And that, people, is why I married the man.

Doc assured me next week's check wouldn't hurt near as much. I'm holding him to it.

And back to the happy note, below see my little chubby cheeked baby boy. Plus his nether-region...just for good measure. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Expansion Report

Well, if you want to see baby and mom grow, see below! I started with the most current photo which was taken yesterday at 34 weeks (March 4th)! Little Reid got a good report on Monday, February 28th. He's right on target for growth to be extra large and heartbeat sounded great. He's settled way-down-low. I think he's going to be super long since I can feel him way down and then get kicked in the ribs at the same time! He's already the overachiever in both height and weight! I just try not to think about how that effects the exit strategy! :)

Today marks the 1 month countdown until induction day, April 5th! OMG!

34 weeks

33 weeks, belly shot

33 weeks

32 weeks

31 weeks (Coppell shower day)

30 weeks

29 weeks

28 weeks (Ardmore shower day)

More to come!