Saturday, October 23, 2010

The bump and the hair...

Well I haven't been very good at posting new pics. I did, however, download a bunch of pics from the camera so the next few posts will be somewhat out of order. I'll start with the unveiling of the bump and the hair! This is almost 16 weeks...or 4 months or whatever! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm showing...proof of my (yes!) response below.

I also got my flu shot, hense the weird looking thing on my arm which is a bandaid. Oh, and a minor thing called a hair chop! That's no messy ponytail, that's all the hair I have these days. I'm actually pleased with it which is a good thing for a hormonal pregnancy lady! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ahem, I have a few announcements...

1) Blogging laziness continues into your second trimester. And my finger doesn't work to take pictures. Ok, that's a lie. I'm just lazy and too busy "thinking" about what I need to be doing.

2) The nursery theme is: Fox and Hound - English Hunt! I found a great vintage, English saddle and stand, hand painted hound pics for over the crib, hounds tooth bedding (or custom-made if it doesn't work out), an awesome British hunting dog statue-like thing to go on a shelf and even an oil painting of a fox hunt. It's not very baby-ish...yet! But I'm going to do a horse mobile and have a tree painted with a lone fox peeking his pesky head out from behind the tree to baby it up some. It's going to be cute! We bought our of the century (hence the aforementioned frivolous spending!). Anyhoo, the nursery is started! Yay!

3) My house is a wreck. I'm not well-practiced at nesting. I'm more of a wrecker. I see a closet, completely tear it apart and get to tired to finish it....I'm doing the Mitchell shuffle. No bueno. Gots to get better at getting tidy, organized and prepared. Too bad I'm dead to the world right now or I'd go tear something else apart...hmmmm, under my bathroom counter sounds like a good target!

4) I had a nosebleed that almost sent me to the hospital today. No more putting off the ENT visit.

5) I cut 9 inches off my to come as soon as my husband comes home to take them! I love it. My favorite hair-cut ever.

6) Mike and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary on Monday. And by celebrated I mean I got flowers and had to work late. Soooo, we shall celebrate this weekend! I love my hubby. The last year was definitely intense but I'd hand pick you all over again to walk this journey! Wait you picked me...whatever. I adore you (and I better, I'm about to have a mini-you! Oh, Lord, he's not allowed to date until he's 20...). M & O 4-eva!

7) Speaking of boys I love...I love this little one in my belly. He's just about the best little baby in the whole world. It's crazy how much I look forward to meeting him in about six months!

8) Current cravings: OJ continues, apples with cheese, apples with peanut butter, spicy Mexican food, Frosted Flakes, desserts, sugar, sugar, sugar, pimento cheese, grilled ham and cheese melts and diet coke (so I did have a diet coke or two but no more).

9) Current ailments: bloody nose, ouchy gums, ouchy back/butt due to the sciatic nerve, needle hatred, grumpiness about not being able to lift much with a husband who travels (i.e. trash that stinks and I can't lift it to take it out and a big handle of detergent on a top shelf that I need down), rumblings of heartburn (see #9 - spicy Mexican food), and fluctuating energy levels. Still not much to write home about!

10) I'll be 4 months on Tuesday. I really love being pregnant and am starting to show. And by starting to show I mean, HELLO BELLY! It's very cool to see. Grow baby, grow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

14 weeks!

Hi all, I will be 14 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday). Praise the Lord! Annnndddd, drumroll is a BOY!

Can you believe it?! Pics to come. Updates to come. Baby to come.

Life has been busy, busy. And I'm lazy, lazy still. Come on 2nd trimester energy...!

Lastly, I just want to thank each of you again. If you ever prayed for this pregnancy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carrying this little guy is the best thing in the world...I will never forget that you spoke to the Lord on our behalf. You have made me the happiest mother (ah!) in the world.