Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vocabularly lesson...

Why has my blog become a source of guilt?  I'm behind and I know it.  It's only me that will ever reference this as an online scrapbook and I know that I'm pretty darn busy during the day so I'm going to forgive myself here and now.  No more guilt!  I can only do what I can.

Plus it's Michael's fault.  He bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I've already cruised through the Hunger Games Trilogy plus 3 others books since Christmas.  Any spare time I have had, I've spent reading (I realize this only accounts for about a month but I like to blame things on Michael)!

But back to today's post.  We've always used baby talk with the dogs but now that Reid is here it is at a new level!  Just in case you hear us use these really obnoxious'll know what we're talking about.

Mu-shu (verb): Any sort of face rubbing or wiggling or playing that Reid takes part in.  Here is the term used in a sentence.  "Reid mu-shu'ed his face in the carpet until his nose was red."

Reid nard (verb): A very aggressive face digging move that Reid does in his crib or carpet. Derived from "dog-nard".
Burriters (noun): Pet name for Reid.

Cheese doodles (noun): A term coined from Aunt Marla.  Anything that resembles a cheeto and that is edible.

Teefers (noun): White, pearly things in the mouth that cause frequent night awakenings.

Nora (noun): Pet name for Ellie. As in Eleanor. As in Ellie-a-noria.  Then just Nora.

Roozers (noun): Pet name for Rowdy.  As in Rowdy-Roozers.  Then just Roozers.

Zoey (noun): Usually a name for a border collie yelled very loudly.  Usually preceded by NO!!!

Reiders (noun):  Mommy's favorite pet name for Reid.

Any just for good measure, a cute pic of my ever growing little dude.  This was his first time at our community park.  He liked swinging but he loved to eat the cedar ground cover more. :0

Love. Him. So. So. Much.


  1. This is my favorite type of blogging - just stuff from daily life. And made me giggle when I heard your name for "teeth" - we call them "toofers" around here.

  2. Hey, I was looking at your invitation and it mentioned your blog... This is SO awesome! I love the vocabulary lesson too (we have our own language in the Crossno house). ~Amy