Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Move it!

People.  I am home with Reid everyday.  I mean we go places but I am now a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom which is jaw dropping in itself...anyhoo)...so I expect to see EVERY cool thing my son does first!  Yet, yesterday I leave for two measly hours to go to acupuncture and my little stinker does the following and his Daddy got it on video!  I can't be too mad because of the adorable child in the video and the encouraging father makes me melt.  Just so you know, I will be child proofing my adult, been married for 8 years, home in the very near future.  Like later tonight. 

Watch out.  He's on the move!


  1. Hahahaaaa!!! That is so cute! Congratulations, Reid! I love how Mike is like, "I know that's mean, but c'mon!" At least he got some video footage so Mommy could see later. PRECIOUS!

  2. Is it silly that I enjoy my son's voice in the background almost as much as seeing our precious Reid "get around"? Great video.

  3. OH my. This is adorable. I CAN NOT BELIEVE that little scooter. You DO have to baby proof. This is just crazy! I can't believe he's that old already. And, Mike in the back ground makes me smile - so cute and fun to listen to! You guys are going to be running around like crazy now!! ALSO, I totally understand the bittersweetness of this happening when you were gone. Little stinker ;)