Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Butt

Well, I couldn't have written it better myself, so I won't!  :)

We visited the pumpkin patch last week and this is the official report given by my sister-in-law, Anne, on her adorable blog:

Anne's blog

It's not surprising that Anne captured this occasion perfectly and blogged about it in a very timely fashion.  It's also not surprising that I have not! 

BUT, what is surprising and delicious is that I BAKED a gluten free pumpkin pie tonight!  I've never baked a pie before in my life!  Does it count as a pie if it is in an 8x8 square dish?  I don't own a pie baking, round, thingy.  It looks delicious!  It's cooling so we'll see.  Even more insane is that I had all the ingredients in the pantry!  I'm on a roll.  The occasion you, lone reader, ask?  Well there are two reasons.  Reid had pumpkin pie off his MeMe's plate yesterday and L-O-V-E-D it.  I mean he can't say MaMa yet (he can say DaDa and NaNa but that's another story) but he let out a big ole' Mmmmmm!!! after taking a bite!  I'm not going to give him much, but I want to display to Michael how cute he is eating pie!  The second pie cause is that we (Michael and I) are going on a mega diet on Monday.  I'm so tired of my pants not fitting.  I wore the tights that I wore ALL the time when I was pregnant today.  They were supposed to be burned not worn post-pregnancy!  I totally realize that things are different after having a baby...I just don't want to start from scratch with my wardrobe.  I also don't want to wear my fat pants, errr, tights all winter.  My calves will get cold.

Well I ruined an adorable post!  Please check out the link (Anne's blog) to see my cute kid and his handsome cousins and aunts!

**2 hr. addendum: YUCK! Organic, gluten free pie...not soooo good. I tried.**

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  1. Well, of course he can say "NANA". HA. But, I'm excited about your gluten-free pumpkin pie. And, yes, it does count that it was in an 8x8 dish. I can't tell you how excited I was when I accomplished ANY gluten-free dessert. Unfortunately, I can't open the attachment. By the way . . . you look gorgeous -- certainly not in need of a diet. :)