Saturday, October 8, 2011

This nap time speaks for itself...

We're on a sleep strike at the Robinson household.  Since around 12 weeks, we implemented the Polly Moore, 90 Minute Sleep Solution (thanks, JNN).  It has worked so well.  Reid takes a short nap every 90 minutes or 3 hours.  It sounds too simple, but trust me, it worked for us.  Until yesterday.  And today.  Reid now can sit up from a crawling position.  Soooo, he needs to do it all day!  In the crib.  On the floor.  On the roof.  Wait, not the roof.  But, everywhere else but the roof!  I put the kid down for a nap (he HAD been self soothing and falling asleep on his own), only to find him sitting up by himself playing with his two toys in his crib.  Notice on this video, there are NO toys since he was eating them!  Instead, he eats the Flip...but you have to watch to enjoy that grand finale!  Enjoy my BIG boy...where does time go??!!


  1. haha - love the mouth shot. why won't these babies keep things out of their mouths? such a big boy sitting up! so exciting...and frightening at the same time! Good luck with that - ha ha!

  2. I love it when he tries to eat the flip!